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R E M O T E . P H O T O S H O O T . I N F O R M A T I O N

Who am I?

Hello there- I’m Artemis! I have been a full time model for over 14 years now and am very well known for my versatility, creativity and events I have organised and hosted for many, many years. I’m very proud of my achievements in this industry so far and I am very excited to now be offering virtual shoots, another string to my bow.


I have an eye for detail and love to be creative. Rest assured you are in good hands working with me- in person or virtually. You will walk away with fabulous, quality images and we will have a lovely time in the process!


My current look

As per my profile notes I do have underarm hair at the moment.

I appreciate this isn't everyone's cup of tea so if it's an issue just (politely) let me know and I will pose and style myself in a way it will be hidden, no problemo!  

How does it work?

Firstly, shooting virtually isn’t as scary as it sounds. I promise. I convinced myself for over 10 months in lockdown (back in 2020) I couldn’t do it, and here I am kicking myself-! If I can do it, anyone can! 

You (the photographer) will simply need;

~ Laptop/ Computer

~ Good Wifi connection 

~ Check your adobe software is up to date for the Sony RAW files. If you use creative cloud you will have automatic updates. You can also use the free DNG converter if you need to (if your photoshop is slightly older) Download here if needed;

~ Mobile phone/ tablet we can video call on (facebook or watsapp) or a webcam

~ Screen sharing software (I use zoom)


On the day of our shoot (step by step)

~ We will start our video call at our agreed start time and I will be ready and set up in the first room you wish to use, we can chat for a couple of minutes to get comfortable/ make sure the wifi connection is OK

~I will then get our zoom meeting started and we can mute that and use the screen sharing only

~You will then, as if by magic, have control of my laptop screen as if it were your own, with full mouse control and will be able to see a window that has all the camera settings on (as if you would see on the back of a camera when it shows all INFO) I can step in at any time if needed so if something gets closed by accident just let me know and I will sort it for you, no problem. Don’t panic and click around the screen, I can help- we got this! 
~ You will be in FULL control...choosing the camera settings, focusing and pressing the shutter yourself. You can move a focus box around on the screen to where you want the focus to be. As you change each camera setting you can see right away what the images will look like as we are using live-view so it’s very simple to use.
This is what you will see, please familiarize yourself with this screen...


~You should let me know if you wish to shoot JPEG or RAW (or both) before the shoot but you can also change this yourself using this same screen as the camera settings. I will have it set to RAW anyway but this can be changed to suit you within seconds. Remember to check your adobe is up to date for the Sony RAWS.
~ During the shoot we will be talking through the phone/ webcam. It's super handy for me to be counted in for shots to make sure I am still and ready for you. I will be able to see the same screen as you and this has been super helpful as I can perfect my pose/ expression and see you moving the focus point too.
~ I have found from my remote shoots so far there is a very high rate in 'keepers' due to the slightly slower nature of shooting this way. Quality over quantity!
~ The images we take are yours and you have 100% copyright. They will be sent to you via dropbox after our shoot. This could take 1hr-4hrs depending on how many we take.
~ I may quickly check over and remove any totally unusable shots to save on upload time for you
~ I may ask if it is possible to use an image or two from our shoot on social media (credited properly of course) to advertise the success of our virtual shoot. Not a requirement, just a polite ask.
~ You can direct the shoot as much as you like, remember- you are in full control of what you want from the session just as you would be in person, just in a different way! 
"If you never try, you will never know"

Example set up below...


Where will we shoot?
From my home studio in Staffordshire or...anywhere in the world I can host you! I have a large modern home with various sets I have created and backdrops I have hand painted. I also have an incredible array of clothes, lingerie, accessories and props. I have moved home a few times in recent years so some images might be of my old homes.

What you can expect from me
A vast array of sets to choose from
Versatility in my looks
Great styling options
Over 14 years experience as a professional model
A keen eye for composition as I also shoot
Creative ideas if you need any help
An epic wardrobe that would make most creatives envious 
Professional, friendly and down to earth communication
Professional camera equipment with a huge lens selection
Quick upload for you- within the hour and definitely the same day
An enjoyable virtual shoot experience
I can also offer services as an image editor if you wish

What I expect from you
Please be patient and communicate clearly for me during the remote shoot. I am model, makeup artist, stylist, tech support, lighting person, camera mover about’er’ - it’s a lot to undertake and I obviously want the best results for you so sometimes it can take a little time to get it all perfect for you
Deposits are required and payment will need to be sorted before our shoot takes place. Bank transfer ideally- or paypal, please. Paypal will take a fee so we can figure this out when needed.
Please have most of your ideas laid out/discussed before the shoot, in particular which sets you wish to use as some sets are on different floors in my home so I will need to figure out an order to shoot to make the most of our time together
I am currently taking two hour minimum bookings. During this time we can sensibly shoot 1-2 sets, maybe 3 if there aren’t big styling changes.
Please, when using any of our images can you note it was a remote shoot. This will help grow the remote community and help credit my side of things too.
If you need me to sign a model release please notify me of this and send me a copy before the shoot so I can read it and check details.
I do not shoot for paysites/ content sites unless agreed before the shoot so please do not use images of me in this way unless discussed, thank you.


Camera Equipment:
Sony A7iii
Zeiss 55mm 1.8
Tamron 28-75mm 2.8
G master 90mm macro 2.8
135mm f2  (with adapter

Other equipment
~ Zomei Tripod
~ Various backdrops in different colours
~ Two continuous lights (GODOX SL60W)
~ Neewer Ring light with temp control
~Neewer RGB LED panels x2
~ Square softbox
~ Small strip softbox

Shooting areas at my home
'Studio set up' - grey backdrop/ various backdrops
Sun room
Living room
Bedroom set
I have pop up backdrops that are great for headshots


Remote shoots so far;

For rates please contact me. 

PM me, here on on PurplePort.
Ideally weeks days and day time shoots, but not limited to.

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